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Comprehensive Outsourced Managed IT Services for Your Small/Medium Business 24/7

Affordable Fixed-Fee Managed IT Services for your computer Networks

As a business owner or manager, are you looking for affordable, full-service outsourced computer services? If so, GetTeck provides IT Support and IT Management that will fix your technology issues.

GetTeck's complete fixed-fee outsourced IT solution packages manage all your company's computer needs for a reasonable flat monthly rate so you can focus on your business.

Enterprise Technology Services

GetTeck has its roots in enterprise technology. Our experts are trained and experienced with today’s leading technologies. Having worked with some of America’s most impressive Fortune 100 companies, government agencies and universities - GetTeck knows Enterprise Technology and can help you with a host of solutions:

  • Server installation
  • Web site
  • SharePoint
  • Database installation, configuration and design
  • Hardware administration, maintenance and support
  • Remote office & employee support
  • New technology deployment
  • And much, much more!


Small Business Technology Services

If you are a small business, how would you like to receive Fortune 100 service and expertise? GetTeck is here to help you manage & plan your technology. We are a conservatively run, family owned Cincinnati business with low overhead and the best enterprise developers, technicians, engineers, and administrators. With GetTeck by your side, your small business will receive Fortune 100 treatment, at a price that is right! Call us and experience the luxury of knowing your technology consulting and support is in good hands.

Remote Support

With remote support we can help you! No matter where, or how remote you are we can be there at your time of need. With Remote Support we can help you with your PC application, operating system, peripheral, hand-held device or other issue. Seven days a week, 24 hours a day we can provide assistance with resolving your software issues or tutoring on the proper user of your programs, you will find GetTeck to be your friend indeed!


Computer & Electronics Repair

If you're experiencing trouble with your computer, internet connection, printer, PDA, TV or other computer or electronic device, we can resolve your issue today! In addition to our on site support we also provide instant remote support to help with tutoring and software support!

Computer Repair

GetTeck's goal is to remove the hassle of computer repair and support. Call now and your will talk with a service technician who will schedule a visit to diagnose your problem, fix the issue and thoroughly test that your system operates smoothly. There is no better way to remove the hassle of computer repair and support; GetTeck provides:

  • General computer repair
  • New computer setup
  • Software and operating system upgrades
  • Internet connectivity
  • Network configuration (wired & wireless networking, routers and security)
  • Printer and peripheral support (cameras, iPods, iTunes, Netflix, etc)
  • Virus & spy ware removal

Electronics Repair and Configuration

At GetTeck we are set apart for our personal attention that allows you to save money and time. We go far beyond the basics of just connecting, installing and configuring your electronics - we offer real advice, advising your of the options available as well as training you on the use of your equipment. Our experience will get you equipment repaired, configured, and set up. Imagine your TV connected to the internet - providing Netflix on Demand videos, directly on yourTV! - we can do this and more! We provide assistance with such electronic devices as:

  • TV / Home theater systems
  • Networking / internet connectivity
  • Play Station / Xbox / Wii
  • Other electronic device

Data Recovery

Data recovery image - hard drive crash A computer’s hard drive is a reliable mechanical device; however it will eventually fail. When the failure occurs there are two available options, abandon the data or recover the data.

There is a good chance the data on the drive is intact and recoverable; however your choice of a recovery vendor will determine the price you pay. Data recovery for a typical desktop hard drive from a mainstream data recovery vendor will generally cost $1500 to $3500. The recovery of the same data through GetTeck is usually less than $650

Hardware & Software

  • Cisco - The latest technology and solutions from Cisco
  • Citirix - Management of mobilization solutions for application and desktop virtualization
  • EMC - Data center solutions for cloud computing from EMC
  • F5 - Secure Application Delivery for Your Business
  • HPE - Specialist in netowrking server and storage solutions
  • VMware - Virtualization technology to accelerate IT and reduce complexity

ERP Management

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX - Full cloud and managed services solutions for Microsoft Dynamics AX environments
  • Oracle - Customized solutions for Oracle hosting and systems management
  • SAP - Hosting, customized development, management, upgrading and maintenance of SAP applications
  • Custom - Custom ERP application development and managmeent

Managed Services

  • Applications - Application administration & comprehensive IT services and support
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery - Management of mission-critical information systems
  • Database Management - Management and maintenance of high efficiency databases and systems
  • End User Support - IT support for employees
  • Network - Network systems engineers to manage and maintain network infrastructure
  • Security & Compliance - Unique security risks addressed and networks defended
  • Servers - Server optimization, maintenance & management
  • Storage - Fast, flexible, accessible & affordable data storage


We have years of enterprise web site development expertise. We are the best choice for developing your cost effective web deployment. Our expertise and skills surround the best technology available such as .NET, DNN and Microsoft SharePoint.


We have over 20 years of experience supporting business enterprise systems. We provide on-site and on-call technology expertise. We support desktops, servers, networks, printers and employees. Call us - advice is always free!



Are you experiencing trouble with your home computer, networking or other device? Do you need help installing a new wireless network or home theater system? We'll send a certified technician to you with same day service! Call now to receive your support.



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