Affordable Data Recovery

A computer’s hard drive is a reliable mechanical device; however it will eventually fail. When the failure occurs there are two available options, abandon the data or recover the data.

If you choose to recover the data, there is a good chance the data on the failed drive is intact and can be recovered; however your choice of a recovery vendor will determine the price you pay. Data recovery for a typical desktop hard drive from a mainstream data recovery vendor will generally cost $1500 to $3500. Conversely, the same data recovery through GetTeck is usually less than $650.
Why the difference in price? Most hard drive failures are due to a malfunction of a physical component in the drive, leaving the data intact and undamaged. Generally, such mechanical failures need only be repaired for the effective recovery of the data. For a flat all or nothing fee, GetTeck technicians specialize in repairing your drive and recovering your valuable data.
How does the process work? A GetTeck technician will examine your failed drive and determine if the data can be recovered using GetTeck techniques.

We will quote you an all or nothing price for the recovery of your data. Our initial examination of your drive will:

  1. Determine if the data on your drive appears intact and undamaged
  2. Identify if the repair of your drive is feasible using our low cost solutions
We will direct you to a vendor with more advanced tools if by chance we determine that the the data cannot inexpensively be retrieved using GetTeck tools and techniques.

GetTeck Data Recovery

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